Returns the hypergeometric distribution. HYPGEOM.DIST returns the probability of a given number of sample successes, given the sample size, population successes, and population size. Use HYPGEOM.DIST for problems with a finite population, where each observation is either a success or a failure, and where each subset of a given size is chosen with equal likelihood.

HYPGEOM.DIST takes 5 required arguments and no optional arguments:

Syntax: HYPGEOM.DIST(sample_s, number_sample, population_s, number_pop, cumulative)

The arguments for the HYPGEOM.DIST function are:
Argument Required? Description
sample_s Required The number of successes in the sample.
number_sample Required The size of the sample.
population_s Required The number of successes in the population.
number_pop Required The population size.
cumulative Required A logical value that determines the form of the function. If cumulative is TRUE, then HYPGEOM.DIST returns the cumulative distribution function; if FALSE, it returns the probability mass function.
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